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Office Chair Workouts: Week 2

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but on the top of the blog homepage, if you click Office Chair Workouts, I’ve made a list of all the exercises I do with links to videos of how to do them (made by other people, not me, lolz!)  I find it helps to see an exercise being done rather than just reading a description of it.

Monday:  Recovery Day

Spent the weekend in Chicago and walked a bazillionty miles carrying my moderately ladened messenger bag slung across my shoulders.  Needed this day to rest.  My shoulder is still bruised.  Note to self:  being able to walk a city is amazing and feels great;  Husband’s messenger bag, however, does not feel great.

Tuesday:  Back at it.

Heismans x 16 on each side

Reverse Lunge x 16 on each side

Bicycle x 16 on each side (kind of a joke, but gave me a minute break)

One-leg Hip Raise or Bridge x 16 on each side


Unweighted Dead Lift x 16 on each side

Full set x 3

Jump rope 500 skips

Wednesday:  Sore from Tuesday, geez.

Around the World, 10 lb dumbell x 16 on each side

Windmill, 10 lb dumbell x 16 on each side

OLDL, 10 lb dumbell x 16 on each side

Set x 2

Bird dogs x 32

Tuck out x 32

Plank up down x 32

Plank Jacks (I modified the Burpee Jacks today) x 10

Medicine Ball Slam x 32

Set x 1

Thursday:  Listen to your body

I’m still stupid sore from Tuesday’s apparently killer lower body workout.   It was the reverse lunges.  And the fact that I suck at post-workout stretching.  :/  Dude.  Anyway, I used today to stretch a lot and also to work on my upper body with something that I’m terrible at:  push ups.  I can’t do them.  My shoulder says NO!  And then I face-plant on the floor.   So I modify them and do inclined pushups instead.  Bonus—the guy in this video is wearing a luchador mask, lolz!  You can use windowsills, counters, sturdy tables, couches, chairs, ottomans, even stairs.  You get the idea.  I did pushups all over the house today to get different degrees of inclination.  Pushup challenge today:  55

Friday:  Rockin’ it Old School

Sometimes the oldies are good to revisit in a workout.  Crunches are great, but if you can’t do a sit-up, that means that from a supine position, you literally aren’t strong enough to sit up.  And your standard gym class exercises, like jumping jacks and high knees, get the old ticky ticker pumping.  Today’s workout is timed at 1 minute intervals with a 15 second rest between each exercise.  Total sets x 3.  You can clearly see my strong and weak areas:

Things I learned during this workout:

#1.  I noticed at the end of the second set of jumping jacks that I was slouching.  When you think something is easy, it’s easy to get lazy.  Straightened the spine and tightened the core on the next round, and felt much better about life.

#2.  Sit ups.  To tuck the feet under something or not?  That is the question.  The first round, I did, and I was able to do them with my hands behind my head.  On second and third rounds, I did not tuck my feet, and I had to use my arms as leverage to get offa the floor.  Remember when we were 8 and this was easy?

#3.  High knees = meet your hip flexors.  These are turning out to be a very, very important part of the body.  PS—one rep of high knees means raising both the left and right leg.   So that score is not so bad.

#4.   Legs are heavy!  Leg lifts hurt my lower back, but if I tuck my hands just below my butt to help keep my from sliding up on the floor, it helps.   Leg lifts are really easy to make a lot harder.

#5.  Fuck tuck jumps.  I am a short, curvy half-a-Rican, and apparently there is more gravity around me than around other people.   My plyo-powers allow me to jump, like, a whole 3 inches off the ground.   :/

And there you have it.  Sometimes working out makes you feel all awesome like Superwoman, and sometimes it just makes you cranky.   But if you bully through the awkwardness, sore muscles, lack of coordination, frustration, tiredness, and desire to lay on the couch watching reruns of Magnum PI on Netflix Instant, it gets better.  Just keep moving.  Magnum will still be there later.

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