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Office Chair Workouts: Week 3

Monday:  Booo!  Migraine!  

Sometimes working out when you have a headache will help, because you get all the blood flowing.  Other times it will just make you barf.  Today was too close to barfy—and a very important reminder to keep up on my water intake!

Tuesday:  Still a little wimpy from yesterday…

I did 1 set of each exercise.

17 reps on each side.

Not my best effort, but still, at least I got off my butt and did it.

Wednesday:  Vindication, or I’m A Hoss!

Same workout lineup as yesterday.  Only this time I did a timed workout:  23 minutes (that’s all I had, not including stretching)

I did 3 sets of 12 reps on each side.

That’s 36 plank up downs on each side.  That’s a total of 72 plank up downs.  72!  Woot!!!

That might be small peas to a lot of people, but it was pretty awesome for me.  And it wasn’t easy.  I may or may not have ended each set yelling by M@THERF^CKER! and falling over clutching my core.  But, indignity aside, I am pleased with my overall performance for this workout.

Thursday:  Bullying Through

Sometimes the workout is harder for your mind, for your self-discipline, than for your body.  While this workout was physically challenging, I found it to be most difficult mentally.  Why?  First of all, I didn’t get much sleep last night, because instead of going to bed after coming home from work like I should have, I stayed up and watched 4 episodes of Burn Notice.  That was dumb.  So getting my workout started this morning was a challenge.  Second of all, I timed this workout at 25 minutes and figured I’d get maybe 4 sets in.  I had time for 6.  So, by the time I got to 5, I was tired.  When I realized I could do one more, my brain went into “quit and justify it” mode.  Normally, I would have stopped and found a way to be ok with it.  After all, 5 sets is pretty damn good, right?  But then I remembered the MR340 and how I have to be able to mentally bully through 4 straight days of paddling, and I knew then that if I couldn’t make myself do a 6th set of my morning workout, I might as well pack up the paddles and not bother training for the race.  It’s a small thing I did today physically, but a big thing mentally.  High fives!

Callan Triceps x 50

Jacks x 40

High Knees x 30

Shoulder Taps x 20

1/2 Burpee Holds x 10

All this x 6 sets.  So that’s 300 Callans, 240 Jacks, 180 High Knees, 120 Shoulder Taps, and 60 1/2 Burpee Holds.  Boo-yah!

Friday:  Floor Routine


Leg Circles x 40 (20 on each side)

Toe Taps x 30 (15 on each side)

Mt. Climbers x 20 (on each side)

All of this x 3 sets

Surprisingly tough workout for ye ole abdominals and hip flexors.  Phew!

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2 thoughts on “Office Chair Workouts: Week 3

  1. What is Undwl?
    Very interested in trying these workouts! :)

    • UnWDL is an unweighted dead lift. Great for warm ups, hip flexors, and balance. If you go to the “Office Chair Workouts” page at the top bar, you’ll find a list of all the moves I do and how to correctly perform them. Thanks!

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