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Office Chair Workouts: Week 4

Monday:  Grey & Rainy

I just want to crawl back into bed.  It looks cold and rainy, but it’s not.  It’s grey and rainy and easily 80 degrees outside.  :/  Add to this the fact that I stayed up to finish all the laundry that needed to be done for the week, which means I went to bed at 3:30am and got 5 hours of sleep.  BLAH!  And excuses!

I did some sit-ups, I jump roped (jumped rope?) for a minute, held a plank, tried to do ugi jumps and mule kicks—that was funny, and did some kettlebell around the worlds.  Nothing felt right, and everything felt like it was going to hurt me if I tried to do it in my uncoordinated, unmotivated state.  Why, Mondays, WHY?!?!

Tuesday:  Sigh

What’s up with motivation this week?  I don’t know.  But I made myself workout anyway, through all the brain chatter                       this is stupid

Why are you doing this?                                You’re no good at this.                            Just stop.                            It’s pointless to workout

If you keep going, keep pushing through all of these negative thoughts, somewhere around set 4, you break through to the other side—-the side where it becomes clear that these are just machinations of your monkey mind.  It’s like sitting in a theater and viewing an elaborate set on stage.  You watch the performance and think it’s all real.  But if you walk behind the scenes, you see that the sets are all just facades, scaffolding and 2 x 4s holding it all up.   If you picture your negative thoughts that way, you see that if you go behind the scenes, it’s easy to kick it all over.  Then it’s just you on the stage.  What are you going to do with all that space?

All exercises x 10 reps on each side

All x 5 sets

Wednesday:  Challenge Day

Some days are just short on time.  It would be easy to skip a workout entirely, but there’s no reason to.  You can squeeze in a workout 1 minute at a time if you have to.  Sure, it’s not going to be a sweat-inducing cardio extravaganza, but you can definitely pack in some muscle burning goodness if you but try.  Today I set my timer and did 1 minute challenges over the course of an hour while making my son breakfast, doing laundry, and teaching a lesson in language arts (we homeschool).  Here are my scores:

Squats:  25

Inclined push-ups:  23

X-pos:  25 (12 on each side + 1)

Bird dogs:  38 (on each side—I repeated the minute on the other side to balance out)

Plank Up-downs:  10 on each side

Reverse Lunges:  9 on each side

Mt. Climbers:  53 on each side

High Knees:  60 on each side

Plank Jacks:  6  (these really hurt my wrists, and so I called it at 20 seconds)

1/2 Burpee Hold:  25

Thursday:  Max Reps

Mixing it up today.  Wanted to see how many I could do before I had to stop.  This ended up being a much longer workout than I expected.  I surprised myself:  :)

Toe Taps:  74 (37 on each side)


Unweighted Dead Lift: (left leg)  64

Unweighted Dead Lift:  (right leg) 66

1/2 Burpee Hold:  21

Friday:  Do It Again!

I liked yesterday’s max challenge so much, I decided to do it again today.  Even though it’s just one set, because it’s the max reps that I can do, it ends up easily being just as long a workout (perhaps longer) than I might do otherwise.  And boy, do you feel it the next day!

Sleeper Planks:  37 on each side.  Geez, this is oblique pain city!

Mt. Climbers:  52 on each side

Heismans:  150 on each side

Ugi Jump:  10 on each side.  WHY are these so hard???

X-Pos:  26 on each side.

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One thought on “Office Chair Workouts: Week 4

  1. wow, sounds as though you are doing well! Interesting to hear your inner chat too. A bit familiar….

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