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Office Chair Workouts: Weeks 11 + 12

It was super important to me to leave the METROYOUTH SHAKESPEARE Kickstarter information up until the fundraiser was over.  I made the decision not to do any new posts until after the 28th.  Thanks to everyone who supported this amazing program by donating—150 kids thank you, too!

Monday:  No Weights, No Problem

Today, I was short on time and did a quick full body workout.   I did the No Weights, No Problem workout at Angry Trainer Fitness—with some modifications, which I listed below.

Circuit #1

1. Air Squats

2. Pushup alternating forward knee pull  Mt. Climbers

3. Plank Triceps Up Downs

4. Tuck Jumps (which just ended up being “jumps” halfway through, lol)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 1 more time

Circuit #2

5. Alternating Reverse Lunges

6. Pushup T–Square Gladiators

7. Burpee Jax (minus the push-up)

8. Crab Grab

Rest 1 minute and repeat 1 more time

Wednesday:  Simple

Birddogs x 15 (per side)

UnWDL x 15 (per side)

Squats x 15

Sleeper Planks x 15 (per side)

Rest of the week:  

I slept funny on my wonky shoulder and had a hard time with it for the rest of the week.  Yes, I could have done only lower body stuff, but I didn’t.

Monday:  Lower Body Workout

Push Through It Workout at

part 1:  30 reps at 15 lbs.

part 2:  unweighted

part 3:  unweighted

Wednesday:  Full Body Workout

Was unable to do an upper body yesterday, so I chose to do a full body today.  I did the Bodyweight Madness workout at LovingFit.  Some beginner variations (no push-ups) and some overall variations:

  • Surfee & 2 Kick Backs – 30 reps  (I separated this, because getting onto and up from my knees made me lose the momentum of the exercise.  Instead, I did 20 jumping surfers and then 10 girlie push-ups with kick backs)
  • One Leg Squat & Back Lunge Kick Up – 50 30 Reps ( Switch sides every 2 reps ) (I can do the one leg squat on a chair, but not on the ground.  WTH?  So, basically I did a full squat, reverse lunge and then kick.  I alternated the reverse lunge each time.)
  • One Leg Shoulder Press & Bomber Combo20 10 reps ( both count as one rep ) (Totally girlie, on my knees.  I haven’t got the knack of the bombers yet, so I eliminated this…)
  • Side Lunge Kick Up – 25 reps per side
  • Dynamic Twisting Push-ups Planks– 30 reps (15 to each side)
  • Low Side Step & Twist – 60   20 reps (only because it takes me so long to watch the video and then do the workout, I got short on time)
  • Double Bridge – 60 30 reps ( each bridge is 1 rep )
  • Toe Lift & Sun Combo – 50 25 reps

Rest of the weekSick, like, whoa

Whole family came down with a monster cold.  It sucks.

I’ve had a hard time with consistency lately.  Have been putting other things in front of my workouts and that doesn’t feel good.  I need to get better at putting this first and sticking to a routine.  Pretty soon, I don’t think that will be a problem.  Some big changes are coming for me and my family.  Stuff I don’t want to talk about yet, but suffice it to say that I will soon have no choice but to get myself into a stricter routine.  It’s going to be good.

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