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Office Chair Workouts: Week 13

Monday:  Sick Day

Dude.  This was the flu from hell.

Tuesday:  Back to the Office

Something a little easy after spending the weekend feeling like I’d been beaten by trolls.

I did one set, 15 reps of every exercise (on each side where applicable).  I tossed in One Leg Bridges (15 on each leg) between each set, and then ended with 50 OMGLBIFD.  It wasn’t a cakewalk, but it was easier on the brain since I know all these moves really well.

Wednesday:  Fifth Element Workout

Ab workout from called the Fifth Element Abs Workout.

I don’t do well with timed workouts.  I really prefer reps.  I have a hard time maintaining form and a good pace when I’m worried about the stupid timer.  It’s my own hang-up, and I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet, so I’m not doing any of these timed.  Instead, I pick a number of reps that is challenging but reasonable and go from there.  If it seems afterwards that I could do more, I throw in another round.

This workout was hard, and really showed me some areas that I need to focus on—you know, from the neck down mostly.  I was able to do the whole first set of exercises, although they hurt like a mother, but I was only able to do about half of the second set.  Apparently I can’t do crunches when my legs are elevated, so I did some V-ups instead.  Then I did ok until I got to the weighted crunch thingies.  That was a mistake.  I could do Turkish get-ups with a kettlebell, but trying to do this exercise with a dumbbell was a mistake.  Now my shoulder hurts.  And I was hardly using any weight.  So I stopped there and commenced to stretching instead.  I really need to bite the bullet and buy a set of kettlebells and a good sandbag.

Sunday:  New Challenge

Today I did the Bum and Thighs of Steel Challenge at LovingFit, and I took Ronin for a walk. :D

Some thoughts about working out with LovingFit:

I love, and I think Tatianna is amazing.  She is so engaging and friendly and has taken so much time to make this incredible resource for everyone.   It’s pretty freaking awesome.  The quality of the workouts, the explanations and the videos is excellent.   And yet, I have to admit that over the last couple weeks, I’ve been tempted to stop doing the LovingFit workouts in favor of going back to my regular stuff.   Why?

A) Working out really takes me out of my comfort zone in the first place.  These workouts do so exponentially.

B) The LovingFit workouts are HARD, so it’s easy to make up reasons not to do them.  Which, of course, tells me that I should keep doing them.

The other thing that is difficult is that doing these workouts requires prep.  I absolutely have to watch the whole videos first  because:

A)  So many of the moves are new to me and/or are combo moves and therefore somewhat complicated, and I am ridiculously uncoordinated.

B)  I still have to modify a lot of the upper body moves to accommodate my shoulder, and I have to modify for lack of equipment (not that there is much of that used).

This all takes time, and I have little enough of that to dedicate to working out to begin with.   I’m trying to watch them the night before, but as I work late, that doesn’t always happen.  The videos are great.  Really helpful and full of good advice.  I just need to organize my time better.

I love that Tatianna gives so many great ideas for variations for beginners.   But even with the modifications, her workouts are still really challenging.  Which is a good thing.  Just hard.  Sometimes I think the best thing to do would be to pick a couple new moves from each of her workouts and incorporate them into what I already do.    But I’m having a hard time telling if this would be smart or a cop-out.  Not sure yet.  I think I might ask for her opinion on her blog.  She’s great about responding to her followers.

What I do know is that despite feeling weak, wimpy, awkward, and uncoordinated when I do these workouts, I am seeing RESULTS, like, whoa.  I have to keep reminding myself that I felt the same way with the workouts I was doing before in the beginning, too.  I just have to be kinder to myself and remember that it’s ok to feel like a dork.  I also want to give myself a chance to NOT feel like a dork.  I think it might be a good idea to do some days LovingFit and some days old school OCW.  I also think it would be beneficial to pick only one upper and one lower body workout from LovingFit to do for the month so that I really get the chance to learn the moves and get the full benefit from them.  I need to slow down and see progress with my ability to do individual exercises.   All of this requires a better, more organized plan of action.  So for the next month, I want to implement the following:

Monday:  1 upper body workout (LovingFit)
Tuesday:  1 lower body workout  (LovingFit) + Booty Challenge
Thursday:  1 full body workout  (Office Chair Workouts) + Booty Challenge
Saturday:  1 full body workout  (Office Chair Workouts)

When I get my kettlebells, I’ll add them to the OCW days.  My goals are still the same, I just need to better organize what I’m doing so that I can actually accomplish the workouts each day and see more consistent progress without stressing about scheduling.  For those of you who work out a lot, I’d love your opinion on this.  How do you feel about tweaking your workouts?  How often do you change it up?  Do you see this as being inconsistent or is it necessary?  How do you deal with schedule issues?  How often do you take yourself out of your comfort zone?

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