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Many Happy Returns Today

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary.  My husband rocks.  And he is my best friend in the universe.  And he’s hot.  And awesome.   The thing I am always reminded of when I tell people how long we’ve been married (because most have a hard time believing me) is that it takes 2 whole people to make 1 whole couple.  He’s not my other half.  He is David.  And I am dre.  And together we are love.




And it’s also our son’s 13th birthday!  :D



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14 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns Today

  1. Happy anniversary Dre and David, all the way from the stormy pacific northwest!

  2. Congratulations, it is always wonderful when people find their soul mates and companions for life! And lovely photos of all of you.

  3. What a beautiful family. Congrats!

  4. Congratulations and happy birthday (a few days late)! You two look so in love!

  5. So very cool!! I love your outlook on life and love. The wholeness of your life is so obvious in the pictures of your family. Many happy wishes are sent your way.

  6. You all are beautiful! But speaking as a person who has been married for 23 and a half years your words are indeed true!

  7. “it takes 2 whole people to make 1 whole couple” I love that. It’s so true and so opposite of the “you complete me” nonsense. If you’re not whole, no one else can “complete” you. Happy (belated) anniversary.

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