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The end is near (dear god, let it be near)

Months of collecting boxes.

Ignoring the boxes.

Avoiding the boxes.

Staring antagonistically at the boxes.

Resigning one’s will to the boxes.

But not liking it.

Packing after a long day at work.

Not packing after a long day at work.

Looking at the calendar.


Neatly labeling boxes.

Labeling boxes.

Throwing random stuff in boxes and not caring if they get taped shut, much less labeled.

A yard sale.


Still realizing the weight of too many possessions.

Mentally drafting future blog posts about starting a minimalist lifestyle.

Back to packing.

Loading said possessions into a very large truck.

Running out of room.

Recognizing one’s deficiencies in spatial awareness.

Pianos are big, but necessary.

Lawn mowers and flower pots don’t fit tidily into boxes.

They will have to go on round two.

{Head desk}

Very large truck loses brakes and steering on the highway.

Dangerously close call.

Tow truck.

Stuff still on truck.

Can’t be unloaded for a week.

Schedule blown to hell.

Another lesson in how I do not control the universe.

Deep breathing.

Soothing thoughts.

Still have to pack up the other truck due to the necessity of pianos and lawn mowers and tools and bicycles.

Don’t hyperventilate.

Will unload all earthly possessions on Saturday.

On Sunday will weep for joy.

And laugh.







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16 thoughts on “The end is near (dear god, let it be near)

  1. Man, what a scenario! You will ‘weep laugh’ and not stop for a while once that’s done… fingers crossed for no more safety dramas.

  2. Crossing all the fingers. This too will pass. ;-)

  3. Whoa……let’s hope all the stars are aligned for the rest of this big adventure. I’m pretty sure you’ve paid your karma dues-and then some. Best wishes.

  4. Wow. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly and calms down now! Fingers crossed. :)

  5. But it will all be worth it! Right???? What a great poem to capture the madness of moving! Popped in to catch up and am so happy for you and your family in this new phase. Farm living sounds divine–no need for office chair workouts now! I hope the second truck round is perfect, relatively speaking, and you can get to nesting and planning your garden. :)

    • Yes, absolutely. And everything went great. Husband and I were total rock stars and even unloaded my approx 800 lb upright piano ourselves. Woot!
      And now I can turn my thoughts back to wholesome, nurturing, and creative action. Hope you are well. Good to hear from you!

  6. Glad you’re safely moved after all that!

  7. Oh yes, been there, done that. Never want to do it again. Now, 6 years later, we still have unpacked boxes around. The removal man actually suggested they used the dumper truck to unload it all, since we had to much ‘junk’. (He could only spot a single designer couch) he, he. Well, we do have a lot of junk, everything is second (or rather third, fourth and fifth) hand, shabby and worn. But it’s impossible to discard and plan a minimalist lifestyle , when you have to f****** pack everything ..

  8. ompressive and emotional… my very best and sunny thoughts, cheers! :) Mélanie – Toulouse, France

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