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Morning Meditation

We want togetherness. In all its forms. Love, friendship, company, companionship, brotherhood, sisterhood, camaraderie, rapport. We seek ways to be together because we need togetherness, whether we know it or not.

This week I am in the heart of missing. Missing my husband, missing my kids. Missing togetherness. It is strange to me, not usually in my repertoire of feelings. These last few months I’ve felt it non-stop, had a great deal of time to examine it. What is missing but a longing for togetherness?

I’ll see them tomorrow and try hard to fill myself up with their presence so that I can be sustained until next weekend.  It’s only for a short while longer, and then all will be put back to right. For now, this is a great lesson in cherishing togetherness whenever you can. We take it for granted when those we love, whose company we love, are around us frequently.

This is also a lesson in remembering that we are connected even when we’re not close. Proximity is just distance. Togetherness is measured in the heart.

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9 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

  1. life of the hand - life of the mind on said:

    Quiet, wise and lovely.

  2. After reading your lovely post I just realized what I have been feeling all week. I’ve been caught up in a frenzy and I’ve been missing-me.

  3. I agree… togetherness is essential. I hope your visit goes really well and that you’re all reunited soon.

  4. Beautiful Morning Meditation – helpful to remind me on days when work is overwhelming and I am pushing them all out the door. :)

  5. HL=huge like… your last sentences sum up the essential idea… my very best and cheers, Mélanie

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