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Commence the Squeeeee!!!

Three of my little hens are laying eggs! Awwwww! They are so sweet and friendly still… and a little late in getting going. I was starting to get a smidge worried that something was wrong and then ta-dah! Just like that they appeared. Now if only I knew which 3 of the six are laying…

The first eggs, which are called pullet eggs, are always smaller than normal. Below you can see the three new eggs on the left compared to a veteran layer egg on the right. The awesome Katie over at Katie: Normal Girl has a great little post about pullet eggs. I am eager to try these little beauties.  Om nom nom.


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6 thoughts on “Commence the Squeeeee!!!

  1. Yay, congratulations! I’m still waiting for our maran chicks to begin laying. I’m very eager to see the chocolate brown eggs they’re suppose to make. Didn’t know there’s a word for those first small eggs. We’ve had some really tiny first ones from dwarf chickens – as small as thumb nails.

  2. So exciting! I am impressed they just went right out and laid pullet sized perfect eggs… we have been known to get ‘practice eggs’ that are wiggly and tiny, elongated and nothing classically egg shaped at all… three cheers for your girls!

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