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Knit|tinK: Squirrels

It’s been a minute since I posted a knitting project. This is true for one incredibly simple reason. I’m knitting an afghan.

It was supposed to be a wedding gift. Ha! I thumb my nose at deadlines. But if I’m very, very lucky, it can be an anniversary gift instead. I’m so not even joking. I’ve been knitting this thing since June, and I’m only, like, 8 inches into it. And that’s on size 11s! Knitting with size 11 needles is like coloring with chubby crayons. It’s like building with Duplo blocks instead of Lego.The whole process is all ham-fisted and unwieldy and weird. My one salvation is the sweet, sweet comfort of feather + fan.  Blessed be the four row repeat.

This kind of knitting is mindless. Is boring. Is the kind of knitting that requires discipline, self control, and the ability to stay the course. To not get distracted. Did you see the seed catalog peeking out from the basket? That is not helping. I sat down to knit the other night and instead wrote up my entire seed order. I try to knit on this monster beast and suddenly I’ve got the brain capacity of a rabid squirrel on a merry-go-round. Today, I did the dishes instead of knitting. I vacuumed.


What is the problem? I don’t know. Usually knitting time is a gift. But for some reason, right now I just can’t sit still that long. I am restless. I am weak. I am undisciplined. I am… Look, shells! These are shells I found on the beaches in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Yes, Delaware actually does exist. I have been there and know it is true. I love the ocean. I am also afraid of it. And shells are pretty fantastic.

I love the devil’s purse. I wonder who first gave it that name? Did you know that these are the egg cases of sharks and skates? Some awesome little baby sea creature hatched out of this crazy collagen pod. Some mama sea creature MADE this crazy collagen pod with her body. How wild is that?

And all this sunlight saying everything is ok. Urging me to look, and then look again. To think of beauty and far off places. Of stories and adventures. Of possibilities.

Aaaaand… still no knitting. But I did get hungry what with all this cleaning and contemplation. So, I made myself a green smoothie. Can I just say that my smoothies, although quite delicious, never ever ever ever ever look like they do in health food magazines or celebrity cookbooks. My smoothies look like this.

Mmmmm, yum. Lol. Let’s be real here. That is one super healthy smoothie–burgeoning with ripe (albeit, frozen) cherries, masses of fresh kale, coconut oil, heaping tablespoons of omega-laden flax meal, super duper grain-free plant-based protein powder, and powerhouse antioxidant camu camu. It’s healthy, but it is not sexy. That is one fugly smoothie. I bring it up simply to point out that the good stuff rarely looks like it does in photos. And I think this derails a lot of people, keeps them from sticking to their good, healthy intentions. We get so hung up on the image that we lose sight of the content. It doesn’t look perfect so we messed up, right? What’s the point? Then we spend all our precious energy on trying to make things look right instead of spending it on making sure we’re doing it right. Or doing it at all.

So, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Me not knitting an afghan.


As always, tinks are on me.

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24 thoughts on “Knit|tinK: Squirrels

  1. Your smoothie (can you call it that? ….. I think not!) sounds delicious!
    I have had projects like the afghan….. ones that make the most menial chores seem heaven sent! You will finish it. Someday.

  2. You not knitting that afghan is really productive!!! Good on you! And you are so right about the good stuff often not looking good and sexy and people just overlooking it.

  3. Your shells are beautiful, as is your afghan. It’s really beautiful but I can see that it takes a lot of time. I think making it an anniversary gift is totally acceptable! It really is amazing, hang in there!

  4. I don’t think I could manage an afghan in one piece. Little different squares, that’s my thing. Or rather, now that I can weave, sod it. ;-)

    I think the shells are cool too. Love the light coming through. I may have my mum shift her activities while she still lives on the beach, to finding me shells rather than the sea glass she’s been collecting for me for making something out of. You know, beads for bracelets, tapestries and mosaics and whatnot. Just need to find some more sticks too, for some reason they don’t get a lot of driftwood.

    • Little squares are nice, except for the problem of sewing them all together. I’ve never found sea glass before. I do love the name, though. So pretty. What would you do with shells?

      • Well, apart from something similar to your arrangement, perhaps weave them into tapestries? Framed collages? Yeah, it’s been done before, but sometimes you have to begin there before your own ideas evolve, rather than think it up beforehand. I like the whole found objects concept.

        I hear you about the sewing, but I may be warming up to it, sometimes. Perhaps you could arrange an award system, knit one row and you’re allowed to make the beds? Another one and you can have two choclits?

      • Oh, no. I never make beds, Pia. But choclit…

      • And the thing is, my hands would just hurt too badly from lifting that darn thing.

      • Yeah. It’s already heavy. Not sure how I’ll wrangle it when it gets bigger. I could still knit it in pieces.

  5. You can do it! I have been avoiding blankets for the past couple of days as well so… I know what you mean.

  6. oh this is just gorgeous, I love the grey colour sooooo much and so what? you are writing about knitting the afghan instead of knitting the afghan – that is a beautiful thing ;-)

  7. Such a pretty afghan, but I could no more resist shells or seed catalogues or choclits than you can (less maybe)… my powers of resistance on housework are better though :) I think I am quite cut out for what others think of as dull knitting… and what I think of as public transport knitting, meeting knitting or TV knitting. Stuff I don’t need to look at or count. I have been lightening up reading Naomi Klein’s new book by knitting a plain ribbed sock while I read.

  8. Ahhh, I’ve been working on a feather & fan stole on big needles for almost a year too! And it’s been halfway done for months despite the fact I pick it up and knock out a few rows here and there… Yours will be a lovely and warm blanket (and anniversaries do come every year)!

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