Grackle & Sun

Morning Meditation: Life As It Should Be

It really can be this simple.

Satisfaction.  Contentment.  Fulfilment.  Happiness.

And the measure of this?

All to be found in watching a flock of sheep graze in a green pasture.

In the light filtering through dogwood blossoms.

In the song of a red-shouldered hawk hiding in the canopy of great oak trees.

In the hum of bees in pear blossoms.

In the soft green of leaves unfurling.

In the warmth of the sun’s good medicine.

In belonging where you are.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Meditation: Life As It Should Be

  1. I am with you. Thank you for sharing. The photo is amazing.

  2. Have you done a post about the back story on your sheep? What breed? Guard dogs or donkeys? Etc. Etc. Etc.? :)

  3. A little piece of heaven! :-)

  4. So happy for you.

  5. You said it in the exact right words! I’m there with you (on the other side of the blue-green).
    And now that we have lambs, and bees in the apple blossoms, one might say the contentment and happiness might just have doubled :)

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