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Quick chicken update.

We (and by that I mean mostly my Husband of Awesomeness) fenced in the garden and a bigger, lusher chicken yard this spring.  They have a huge (you know, for a chicken) space to graze. And they do–with an intensity that is both mind-boggling and addictive to watch. It is strangely satisfying (and ridiculously easy) to make chickens happy.

Husband of Awesomeness, aka Fence Builder.

One of the Buff Orpies.

Doing their thing in the freshly tilled earth.

A very gentlemanly rooster.

Curious chicken. Or maybe she was helping to pick out seeds.

And then this one had to have a say.

No, they’re not dead. They take dust baths, then they take dust naps.

Hunkering down.


They grow fast. And they’re a completely different colour and pattern than the hen or the rooser. See them in the back?

A blurry close-up–they are very skittish and won’t let me get close. Mama hen was protective in a way I didn’t care to test, lol.

Chickens eating lemon balm = happy (and very relaxed) chickens. :D

Sad news. One of the Buff Orpies disappeared. We are guessing a hawk. There is a pair of red-shouldered hawks that live in the woods behind the lake. Sad that she is gone, also know that it’s just how it goes on a farm. The pen attached to the chicken house is completely covered, but the only way to let them have the joy of the open pasture is to leave them somewhat vulnerable. Sigh. It’s a trade-off, but one that is worth it for the health of the flock, I think.

That’s all my chicken news for now. Next plan–building a chicken swing. Not even kidding. :D

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13 thoughts on “Chickie-booms

  1. Susan on said:

    Happy, happy! Nice they have space and can scratch and take dust baths…was trying to explain that concept to my sister……think I’ll send this to her. Thanks!

  2. They do look so happy and healthy and it is relaxing just to look at them.
    I hate when they disappear though. I have ducks and I saw an owl go after one in the middle of the pond! I never thought they would do that! I was glad to solve the mystery though.

  3. Contributions of goodness and kindness and enjoyment in the world. It is so nice to know this is going on!

  4. O, you love those beautiful chickens, Ms. Gracklebird! Sorry about the hawk…”nature red in tooth and claw”….

  5. Awesome! Great pictures too.

  6. Love me some chickens! Wishing you and the chicks health and happiness.

  7. Love the chooks! Orpingtons are just such feather pillows of wonderfulness. Sorry you lost one to a hawk–but not an entirely bad way to go compared to some I won’t mention our darlings have met. In our house, weeds, leftovers, bones, snails and suchlike are referred to as ‘chicken happiness’ and from time to time he compost bucket gets this label scribbled on it!

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  9. Lovely birds. I had a mild-mannered handsome gent much like yours as a child – an Araucana? Also lovely to see them in a large pasture – I’m getting tired of seeing “urban” chickens confined in such small spaces…

  10. Chooks are happy, you are happy…
    Can’t wait to see the swing!

  11. Looking forward to seeing the chicken swing – might give my girls ideas! My partner and I are shocked to see what size pens people think are healthy for chooks. Apart from the Palais des Poules, which is according to local regs big enough for 30 chooks – rather than our 3 – they get an open run of a fenced area across the width of our garden. Luckily no losses so far, rather the local wild birds have taken to dropping in for a bit of extra feed. Can be a problem in itself but we are getting on with only mild discouragement.

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