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Eggs and Kitchen Dyes

I recently taught a class where I work: how to naturally dye eggs.  Fun was had. And it made me long for wool. :D

naturally dyed eggs


naturally dyed eggs 3

naturally dyed eggs 2

Have fun celebrating Spring in whatever way floats your boat.  I am off to eat delicious Puerto Rican food with my family.

Live happy, dye happy!


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16 thoughts on “Eggs and Kitchen Dyes

  1. Gorgeous shades of color!

  2. Susan on said:

    Very clear/dark colours! Gorgeous. Thanks.

  3. Your eggs look so pretty! I would have loved to join the class!

  4. Wow! Your dyed eggs are gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely – I don’t know if I’d rather eat them or play bocce – the colors remind me of well-loved vintage balls (in a good way, of course)!
    Looking forward to seeing your new wools too…

  6. Bring on the wool!! Happy spring :)

  7. Shelly Johnsen on said:

    I have a friend who lays herb springs on her eggs, wraps them in cheesecloth, then dyes them in onion skin broth. They are quite lovely.

  8. Love the colors you got from the natural dyes! Some of them are familiar….. but would never have thought of hibiscus (which is funny, since I have dyed yarn with it!).
    Yes…. on to wool!!

    • The hibiscus didn’t work so great on the eggs. The real stars were the onions, the red cabbage, turmeric, and the blueberries. I’ve seen hibiscus on wool, and it’s gorgeous!

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