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Guide to Spring

In Missouri, you can’t count on the weather to tell you what season it is. It might be 65 degrees in December; it might be 35 degrees in May. Strike that. At some point, it will be both of those things.  But despite the fact that I never seem to know when to pull my head out of the covers, the earth knows when to stretch. The flora and fauna know when to peek out and then get busy.  From one moment to the next there is a shift, the light turns white and crystalline bright, and suddenly you’re late for Spring! Here’s a lovely, quick little visual guide to my cues this time around the wheel…





Lambing season is in full gear–31 and a few still due. No bottle babies this year, which was a major Phew! The garden has had a generous helping of sheepy compost and a tilling or two. And if it ever stops raining on my days off, I’ll plant some seeds… I have so many seeds to plant. So, so many.


Super exciting things are in the works on the farm. And in my life. I don’t want to jinx anything, so we’ll wait to talk about it until the will-be becomes the is. I hope all your springs are pleasingly full of potential and the emergence of glorious creative goodness. And seeds. And if you’re very lucky, lambs. ;)


live happy,




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12 thoughts on “Guide to Spring

  1. So much beauty, it’s all there for us, to see if we chose to… Thank you.

  2. Perfect blog positive and upbeat


    Man, I need to pet some and watch their frolicking hijinks for hours…

    Our spring came very early this year making for a nice stretched-out season that’s usually over in a few weeks… Need to get some seeds in soon too!

    • I love it when they sproing. And when they stand on top of the ewes and rams who are resting.

      Spring came super early, but now it’s cold and raining. On my day off. Lol. No seed planting today either. Which means I’m going to have to help with laundry and vacuuming instead. Sigh.

  4. The world is a beautiful place!

  5. Shelly Johnsen on said:

    No lambs for me, but I am getting to see spring in the desert. My purple paddle cactus is covered with big yellow blooms, waxy and glowing. Oh, and my grandson was born in April 4! I’ll take that over a lamb, thankyouverymuch!

  6. Thank you for lambs and flowers!

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