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Botanical Summer #1

While I gather my thoughts (and time) to write about the sharp learning curve of sheep herding and grass farming, I thought I would share with you some of the native treasures blooming on the farm this summer. I’m so excited to see all the wildflowers, both native and naturalized, gracing this land. Please enjoy!

20170724_151524Rudbeckia (probably) missouriensis: Black-eyed Susan

20170717_112632Ruellia humilis: Hairy Wild Petunia

20170619_161106Asclepias tuberosa: Butterfly Weed

20170527_113103Arisaema dracontium: The Green Dragon


20170527_104723Achillea millefolium: Yarrow

20170619_151715Dianthus armeria: Deptford Pink

And now, after all that flora, here is some bonus fauna!

20170527_111624A dragonfly that’s as big as my hand! I believe this odonata is known as a common sanddragon. I don’t think there is anything common about him.

20170718_164433She looks demure now. This is right before she jumped for my face.

Mantis is mantis, after all.


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6 thoughts on “Botanical Summer #1

  1. Such a wonderland of bloom you live in!

  2. Does the Green Dragon fruit turn deep purple red when it ripens? I ask because I saw something similar in Japan and I had no reference for it.

  3. Lovely post, Ms Gracklebird

  4. Now that’s a dragonfly! And I’ve been trying to get some butterfly milkweed going in our yard for a couple of years now, but no go – but perhaps it’s a good thing because we’re getting increasingly hit by squash vine borers!

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