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Late blooming

Fall flora on the farm.

Feeling nostalgic for my childhood on said farm.

Days when the land and the sun and the wind held all the magic I needed.

Now I try to set aside the running list of things to get done,

and instead walk my old haunts

so that I may bring together the wild heart that beats both here

and in me.


late boneset (eupatorium serotinum)


blue boneset (eupatorium coelestinum)


jewelweed (impatiens capensis)


perilla (perilla frutescens)


fragrant sumac (rhus aromatica)


goldenrod (solidago)


i really need to learn some mushroom id skills (fungus superfunkus)


thistle (either cirsium vulgare or cirsium altissimum)


no idea. plant id book came up nil. and what does that mean for us to see without naming?

Autumn Nearing

The calendar says it’s autumn, but St. Louis has different ideas.  Summer lasts longer here.  Always does.  But as we move toward October, little signs of true autumn coming are starting to creep in—the light is changing, the days shortening, there is a tiny suggestion of a chill on the air at night.  I found these little acorn caps empty in the park yesterday.  They made me smile.

I love the little orange suns tucked into each cap like a little happy surprise.  Do squirrels like surprises?  They’re smart enough to notice.

I am ready to welcome autumn this year.  That’s not usually true.  Must be me getting older.

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