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Morning Meditation

We want togetherness. In all its forms. Love, friendship, company, companionship, brotherhood, sisterhood, camaraderie, rapport. We seek ways to be together because we need togetherness, whether we know it or not.

This week I am in the heart of missing. Missing my husband, missing my kids. Missing togetherness. It is strange to me, not usually in my repertoire of feelings. These last few months I’ve felt it non-stop, had a great deal of time to examine it. What is missing but a longing for togetherness?

I’ll see them tomorrow and try hard to fill myself up with their presence so that I can be sustained until next weekend.  It’s only for a short while longer, and then all will be put back to right. For now, this is a great lesson in cherishing togetherness whenever you can. We take it for granted when those we love, whose company we love, are around us frequently.

This is also a lesson in remembering that we are connected even when we’re not close. Proximity is just distance. Togetherness is measured in the heart.

Elevensies is Here!

Happy Solstice, everyone!  And happy first day of Elevensies!  

Wishing you all the merriest of merries.

New Year’s Togetherness

Husband Rocks the EmpanadasThe pots and pans were clanged,
the Old Year swept out,

The New Year welcomed in.

Friends and family came to help us put a loving patina on this tradition of ours.

Good food, good company, good spirits.
A happy start on this first day.

Until the last empanada.

So Elevensies comes to an end once more, and we look to the light of the year ahead–horizons brighter, thoughts sussed, and plans a little plannier.

And we are thankful for those who celebrate with us, both in our home and in spirit, the meaning of Togetherness.

May the New Year bring you all good health,much happiness, and every good thing!


Many Happy Returns Today

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary.  My husband rocks.  And he is my best friend in the universe.  And he’s hot.  And awesome.   The thing I am always reminded of when I tell people how long we’ve been married (because most have a hard time believing me) is that it takes 2 whole people to make 1 whole couple.  He’s not my other half.  He is David.  And I am dre.  And together we are love.




And it’s also our son’s 13th birthday!  :D



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