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Office Chair Workouts: Week 6

Monday:  Back At It

Each exercise x 12 reps, except OMGLFIFD, which is 50 reps.  All x 6 sets.  By the way, Gladiators?  OMFG.

Tuesday:  Need some spinach

After warm-ups, started with 50 jumping jacks and then went straight into weights.  Dude.  A few months ago, I was hefting a 25 lb kettlebell like it was nothing.  Today, my 10 lb dumbbell was slightly challenging.  Lesson?  If you don’t use your muscles to lift heavy things, then you won’t be able to lift heavy things.  Call me Captain Duh.

First set x 10 reps          Second set x 12 reps           Third set x 15 reps

Wednesday:  Old School Century

100 jumping jacks

100 high knees (1 = both knees up)

100 heismans  (1 = jump to both sides)

100 squats

100 sit-ups (feet held by couch.  thank you, couch)

100 mt. climbers (yes, on each side—that’s how I roll)

50 inclined push-ups (on kitchen counter)  Couldn’t do the other 50.   Gotta protect my shoulder.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to bang out some full-on push ups like a total hoss.  Someday, maybe.  Until then, it’s totally girly domesticated push ups in the kitchen.  Lol.

Thursday:  Old Lady Is Old

35 minute workout, timed to see how many sets I could do.  All exercises x 10 reps (on each side, as applies).   Immediately noticed what I’d inadvertently done to myself by arranging the exercises this way—mountain climbers following the sleeper planks (both have the same starting position) and the 1/2 burpee hold following the reverse lunges (both quad killers)—basically I paired up exercises to beat the hell out of a muscle group.  And since I don’t rest more than 20 seconds between exercises within a set, this workout got hard fast.  Old lady feels old today.  I sweat my ass off and had to rest for a minute between the last 3 sets.  0.O

Pretty sure I actually did 9 sets—I think I forgot to make a tick mark when I was bent over double trying to catch my breath towards the end. But, no tally, no count. 8 it is.

Friday:  Stretchy

Exercises 1-4 were done in pyramid sets, with Unweighted Dead Lifts, Serpent Hip Spirals and Bird Dogs done on each side:  10 reps, 12 reps, 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps.  Total number of sets: 5   OMGLBIFD was a bonus at the end at 50 reps.  By the way, those Serpent Hip Spirals suck.  As in they’re really hard and make my muscles burn with the fire of ten thousand suns.  Which means I need to make sure they get put into rotation more frequently.  :/

On an up note, today’s post workout static stretching and cool down marks the first day that I’ve felt like I’m gaining flexibility.  I used to be pretty flexible, but I’ve noticed over the last few years (not being physically active at all) that I’d lost much of my range.  Today I stretched with significantly more ease than I have in a long, long time.  Feels good.

Office Chair Workouts: Week 5

Monday:  Holiday = Yard Work

Took a holiday with the fam.  Did yard work with Husband.  It counts.

Tuesday:  A lot, Not as many

Today’s workout bounced back and forth between exercises I can do a lot of and exercises I can’t do as many of.  So I alternated 30 reps and 15 reps x 2 sets.  Plus, today was the official start of my challenge to learn a new yoga position every day for a week.  Claire, of the very cool Ascent Blog, had a giveaway contest which required leaving an idea for a week-long challenge in the comments, and the yoga poses thing was my suggestion for a challenge.  I figured if I can tell other people to do it, I should probably give it a go myself.  Lol.  Today’s position was bridge pose.

Wednesday:  Century and a half

For today’s workout, I did the Double Century Workout by Alfonso Moretti.  But, as I was crunched for time, I did not do the whole thing twice—instead, I did all the unilateral exercises once, and I paused the video and did both sides in one set for all of the bi-lateral exercises.  So, I’m calling it a century and a half.  I was not at all surprised at the exercises that kicked my ass—-Moretti does love his burpees.  But I was excited to see that some of the exercises were no problem for me—basically all the ones that require balance, stability and flexibility over upper body strength.  So bird dogs, one leg dead lifts, and squats were pretty simple.  Even the planks, while challenging, were doable.  But, as usual, every exercise involving push-ups had to be heavily modified to inclined push-ups, and gentle ones at that.  My shoulder is no bueno today.  Will definitely be adding “gladiators”, “t-planks”, and “v-ups” to my regular rotation!

Today’s yoga pose:  Lizard Pose

Thursday-Friday = Sick days :(

I’ve got a cold.  With a fever.  No working out for me.  So, I’m thinking that I’ll try my yoga pose challenge again next week.

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