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Illumination and Gratitude

The lovely and intrepid traveler Snigdha of GETSETANDGO has nominated Grackle & Sun for the Illuminating Blogger Award.  Thank you very much, Snigdha, for thinking of G & S and including my blog for this award.  I appreciate the love.  :D

The rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award are as follows:

  • Visit the blogger who nominated you and thank them (did that).
  • Acknowledge that blogger on your own blog and link back to them (did that, too).
  • Share a random thing about yourself:  I like birdwatching.  A lot.  This morning, I saw that a few little birds were pecking at the ice that had frozen in the birdbath outside, so I got bundled up and went out to fill it with fresh water.  Apparently, it was the coolest thing I’ve ever done ever, because every single bird in our neighborhood (and possibly from surrounding states) came to drink and bathe in the birdbath.  My birdbath is really just a large bottom tray to a planter (you know the part that catches the water?).  It’s big enough that I put a couple bricks in it so the birds would have something to hop up on in the middle.   We had all sorts of sparrows, nuthatches, titmice (titmouses?), cardinals, blue jays, starlings, robins, flickers, woodpeckers, and what I think was a mockingbird.  So many birds, in fact, that at one point, I had to go change out the water.   But watching them all was so much fun.  So, that was my morning.
  • Nominate 5 (or more) blogs for the award, link to their blog, and notify them on their blog.  I nominate the following:
  1. Ch’i Journey~Steph inspires me with both her chi running and 1/2 marathon training plan.  I love her insight into becoming a runner, its challenges and joys. She is awesome.
  2. Local & Bespoke~Mary is a genius at dyeing, particularly with eucalypts.  I also love her posts about tree identification and stewardship.  And the stealthy cycle-by dyestuff collection runs.
  3. Daisey Jayne~Jayne is the craftiest, and I love all the fun projects and beautiful pictures on her blog.  I really love all the reclamation posts.
  4. deborahsuejackson~Sue is a very gifted and thoughtful writer and a wonderful photographer.  I’m hoping this award will get her to post more…(hint, hint).
  5. A Polish Granddaughter & Escape to Evermore~Michelle (Shelly) is a woman of many talents.  Of course I love her posts on dyeing and knitting, but I also love her posts on family and life.
  6. Mountains & Waves~Kate posts about what she loves:  mountains and waves.  I love the photography and how every post makes me want to go outside and stay there.
  7. To Watch Me Unfold~Elizabeth has the soul of a poet and the eye of an artist.  I love how thoughtful and beautiful each post is.
  8. Agujas~Knitting, quilting, traveling…Veronica’s blog is full of every good thing!  I love her gift for observing and writing about details.  I also love that she asks questions of her readers.

I started my blog as a way of keeping track of processes that I love.  It makes me really happy to know that others enjoy reading it, too.  I’ve met a lot of really wonderful and talented people through this experience, and I am very thankful for that.

Much heartfelt gratitude for everyone who takes the time to stop by Grackle & Sun.

Thank you!

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