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Office Chair Workouts: Week 10

Notice there’s no Week 9?  Sometimes shit happens… all over your life.  And when that happens you have to do what you can to keep laughing and being a good person and not curl up into a sobby mess in the corner.  Two weeks ago, that meant taking a break, curling up under blankets, watching a lot of escapist television, eating my body weight in apples and raw maple almond butter, and knitting and dyeing.

I’m a day late posting Week 10, but workouts for this week did happen.  And how.  I continued Week 10 doing the awesome workouts at  I really like splitting up the upper and lower body workouts on most days.  Then, at least only half of my body hurts.  Lol.  Since I’d taken off Week 9, I didn’t want to start out learning any new exercises, so I repeated the exercises from Week 8 again on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday:  Upper Body

Magnetic Sweat Workout

Tuesday:  Lower Body

Booty Pop Siren Workout (still giggling, but I totally was able to do the One Leg Chair Squats without holding on to anything!  WOOT!!!)

Wednesday:  Rest Day

Thursday:  Upper Body

Strength Beast Workout (I did the Complete Beginner variations because of the push-ups.  Also, I omitted the pull-ups and did some planks instead)

Friday:  Lower Body

Booty Pop Siren again.  ZOMG.

Saturday:  Meaning of Life Workout

Today I did a regular Office Chair Workout.  Full body.  Good times.  One round, 42 reps (each side if applicable).

And I ended by starting the Booty Challenge.  This is going to be good.


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