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That’s Why I Call It Scientifical: Avocado Extraction Part 2

So here’s a quick addendum to the avocado extraction action going on.  First, I did the modification on the avocado pits in saltwater.  I decided, out of nothing more than pure curiousity, to modifiy the pH using washing soda rather than ammonia.  I had to add a fair amount of washing soda to get the pH up to where I wanted it—about 1.5-2 tablespoons.  That’s really quite a lot.  But we were starting at an acidic pH of 4.5.     Here’s where I messed up.  I didn’t measure the pH of my saline solution when I made it, so the long and short of it is that I have no idea if the acidity of this solution is due to the saltwater or the avocado pits.   And you know I need to know.  I did measure the pH of the leftover saline solution that I made a month ago, and it measures 8.6—just .2 lower than my tap water.  But, I don’t know that I can trust this reading, since pH can change over time.  Not unheard of.   I’m not a scientist, folks.  I know NOTHING.  But I have a lot of fun asking questions.  And playing with my pH meter.

Here’s the fun and interesting thing that happened with said avocado pit in saltwater + washing soda solution:  remember what this extraction looked like before?

Avocado pits in .9% saline solution = no colour

Well, look at what happened when we hit just over the pH 8 mark…

Chemistry. It’s funky.

I was expecting a little colour change over time.  The instant colour change was a surprise.  It’s definitely brown, but not terribly reddish.  It might end up being worthless for dyeing, but we’ll give it a month or so and see.

I also modified the extraction of avocado peels in vinegar today  I dumped out the vinegar (which was only slightly tinged brown), and I added water and ammonia.  No presto change-oh, but it will be interesting to see if any new colour will come out of the peels.  It’s bumped up to pH of 9.9 which should be good if soaking for a month in 3.4 didn’t trash them.

Finally, I’ve got a brand new batch of avocado extractions going—-this time in brown glass.  Doing a solar extraction.  One jar of pits in ammonia water, and one jar of peels in ammonia water.  Both are fresh from the restaurant last night, cleaned and chopped up.  Now we cross our fingers.

Live happy, dye happy!

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