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Many Happy Returns Today

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary.  My husband rocks.  And he is my best friend in the universe.  And he’s hot.  And awesome.   The thing I am always reminded of when I tell people how long we’ve been married (because most have a hard time believing me) is that it takes 2 whole people to make 1 whole couple.  He’s not my other half.  He is David.  And I am dre.  And together we are love.




And it’s also our son’s 13th birthday!  :D



Please and Thank You

Thank you to all the people who contributed to the METROYOUTH SHAKESPEARE Kickstarter campaign and who helped the cause by spreading the word.  We did it!  The $10,000 goal has been met and then some.   You have made 150 kids very, very happy.  You have also given them an amazing opportunity to have a fantastic arts education program unlike any other in St. Louis.  Thank you.

For the last 3 years, MYS has been a very important part of my kids’ lives.   They are ecstatic that they will be able to participate in MYS again this spring. So am I.

These two hams thank you, too.

I go now to do a happy dance.  :D


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