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5.29 = 39

I work in a lovely little tea room.  On it’s wall is a lovely, little old wooden calendar with knobs on the side for changing the days and months.  Every morning, as I go through my tasks getting the cafe ready for opening, I turn the calendar to the next date.  Today, I got to turn it to my birthday.  That was fun.  :D

Here is to a wonderful year for all.   May it be full of good health,  good company, many, many good adventures, and Every Good Thing!  There’s a lot stirring at ye ole Grackle & Sun house.  Ideas forming and incubating.  Plans being sussed out.  So, here also is to finding that place inside one’s self where creativity and security, function and passion meet.  And most of all, here is to honouring our true selves, our deepest inner spirit.  Many happy returns!


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