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Knit|tinK: It’s a Tiny, Functional Thing

That’s why I love knitting for babies: it’s quick, satisfying, and yet still a functional, full-size garment. That just happens to be tiny. I love it. 

It’s easy, right? Liberate some Mission Falls 1824 Cotton from the stash, find an awesome pattern on Ravelry, cast on in a blink, knit for a minute, bust out some fancy entrelac-y skillz on the solid coloured button band, deliberately make mismatched sleeves to prove it wasn’t bought at Target, bind off, toss on some snaps, and BAM! Baby cardie done! Easy.

But then… well, then it had to be soaked and blocked, didn’t it?

And despite using cold water and the mildest soaking soap, the dye just couldn’t stay put.

And all that pretty navy blue bled right into those crisp white stripes.

And resoaking with colour-catchers didn’t help.

Begging and pleading didn’t help.

Yelling at the sweater that THE BABY WAS ABOUT TO BE BORN FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! didn’t help. 


Tinking would have been a waste, so there was nothing for it but to redye the whole piece. That’s what I did. Got some navy blue Rit dye and dip dyed the whole shebang. Worked alright. Now the crisp white stripes are lovely soft blue stripes and I can pretend the whole episode never, ever, ever happened. 

:D  Now keep your fingers crossed that it fits the little dude (who was born, by the way). I have Post Office FAIL, and have yet to mail it. Tsk, tsk. Babies grow slow, right… ? Lolz.


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