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Wouldn’t It Be Lovely?

I’m feeling very lucky to have such kind and generous people reading my blog.   Grackle & Sun has been nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m excited!  Thanks to Steph at Ch’I Journey for nominating me.  Steph has a wonderful blog detailing her experiences learning Chi Running.   I love learning about this style of running (which I really want to start doing), and I also love reading about her growing enthusiasm and progress.  And her post on conquering fear is awesome.  Thanks, Steph, for sharing this award with me!

The rules for acceptance for this award are as follows:

1.  Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.  Check!

2.  Share 7 possibly unknown things about yourself…

a)  I once had a pet duck.  His name was Tagalone.

b)  I listen to a lot of old school Brazilian music.

c)  My favourite colour is brown.

d)  I love roller coasters.

e)  I’m pretty sure crochet is witchcraft.

f)  I think the vast depth of the ocean is terrifying.  I love it anyway.

g)  I use the British spelling of words like ‘colour’ and ‘favourite’ because of the synaesthesia.  The ‘u’ softens the effect of the ‘o’ next to the ‘r’.

3.  Nominate blogs that you think are lovely.  Here are a few blogs that I read regularly.  I hope that you’ll take the time to enjoy them, as well.

Food Through the Pages recreates recipes described in works of fiction.  The pictures are gorgeous and the food looks delicious.  Really fun blog.

West Coast Kayaker writes about his paddling adventures on the west coast of Canada, and his pictures show that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Getsetandgo writes beautifully detailed posts about her travels throughout Europe and Asia.  Reading her blog is like going on a wonderful vacation.

Erin rae. art.  Mad spinning and dyeing skillz and bicycle adventures.  And a seriously sweet tattoo.

Red 2 white blogs about dyeing and fibery goodness.  I’m always amazed by how gorgeous her projects are.  Inspiring.

Wendi of the Treasure always has some good botanical dyeing goodness going on.  I love her creativity and enthusiasm.

Deep in the Heart of Textiles always has the most interesting posts on so many topics—historical clothing, native plants, natural dyeing, quilting… I always learn something new on her blog!

4.  Notify the bloggers nominated.  Which I will do now.  :D

Thanks again.  I appreciate this very much.  Now share the love!

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2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely?

  1. Thank you for the kind mention! I am enjoying looking at the other blogs you picked too.

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